At its heart, Sand Bar Contractors is all about family and community. Ours and yours. It is a story of great passion and pride, keeping your promises, and the solid enhancement of the beautiful seaside community in which we reside.

Over the years, Sand Bar has built a variety of quality custom homes in all sizes and styles and in a wide range of prices. Our homes are affordable, innovative and customized. Seeking to successfully serve our neighbors and friends, our home building process takes customers step by step from the initial phase of development to the move in day. We understand the challenges and excitement that each family experiences throughout the building stages and Sand Bar is fully committed to the details of each successive stage of your custom home project. And, as local residents we are always available to our customers in the years following the completion of their building endeavor.

Since Hurricane Sandy, we have worked perseveringly to help our neighbors and friends rebuild their homes and their lives. Working closely with our customers, we are in awe of the strength, courage and spirit of our wonderful neighbors. Sand Bar appreciates the responsibility that our customers have entrusted to us and we are deeply grateful to be a part of the rebuilding of Rockaway, Roxbury, Rockaway Point, and Breezy Point…the place that we call home.

Recent Projects